What’s hanging on your wall?

I heard a story the other day that I wanted to share. There was a man that hunted different animals his whole life. That’s about all he did.  In his house you would sit and look around the walls and there would be a mount of something hanging above.

Towards the end of his life, his health started to deteriorate. He was diagnosed with cancer and became limited with the things he could do.  A couple of people went to visit this man to see if he had a relationship with Christ. As they were talking with him he said that nobody has really shared things like that with him before.

This big, strong, manly man broke down in tears in his living room. He was asked what was the matter? He looked up and said he devoted his whole life to hunting and other things. Now, all he has to show for it was all these animals mounted on his walls. The thing is that “I can’t take any of this with me when I die.” A couple of days before he died, as disheartened this man was, he made the greatest decision of his life that day.

There are a lot of things that come to mind when I was told this story. First, it hit home with me because it was someone I knew of for most of my life.  It was a reminder of the things in this world couldn’t be taken with you when you die. Why would you want to invest your life into something that in the end you will ultimately lose?

It’s never too late to change your perspective on life. To me, I am more passionate about seeing lives changed for the glory of God than anything in my life. God has transformed me and is still investing in me to be used for His glory. I screw up daily but have the grace of God within me. Ask yourself are you living your life in a way that you are investing in the Kingdom? We are not granted another day on this earth.  Make sure the things you are investing in today are worth dying for tomorrow.


Trust God to show up and tell the enemy to shut up

If we are living our lives for Christ then it is inevitable that we will encounter attacks from the enemy. The most prime time for the enemy to strike is when things in our lives become uncertain. When we start to doubt our position is when we need to change our perspective. I was reading in Nehemiah today and it really rocked my world. The most inspiring thing about it is that I have read this passage countless times but have never had this verse resonate with me in this way. God knows what you need exactly when you need it!

When Nehemiah was attacked with lies from the enemy he responded by saying “Nothing like what you are saying is happening; you are just making it up out of your head.” Nehemiah 6:8

Don’t give the enemy the pleasure of altering your position of where God wants you. Your perspective will prove to determine your position. Push though uncertain times and trust God to show up in His timing. Staying faithful will allow God to prepare you for the next best thing He has in store for your life.

The Worship Series


The new series Lift High at Elevation Church on Sunday was incredible. The sermon was titled Why We Do What We Do. You can check out the video HERE.

Hungry anyone?

I came across a website today that was incredible. It’s called THIS IS WHY YOU’RE FAT. Below are  samples (Top- fried guacamole, Bottom- 30,000 calorie sandwich) of many things that will take your perspective on food to a totally different level. Enjoy!





too much noise = loss of hearing

I was reading in Psalm 46 today and came across verse 10.

“Be silent, and know that I am God!”

This makes me think about all the times I have sought after God’s direction in my life. We live in a culture of where if we want to get from point A to point B or reach a certain status; we need to work harder, put in more time, keep moving faster, and have our lives filled with non stop busyness. I have been learning that sometimes when life is the most confusing and you don’t know which direction to turn, the highway might be the last road you should take.

If we get all caught up on all the other things in our life we can lose sight of what’s in front of us. Living life through the rear view mirror can only get you so far. Try pulling over on side of the road and turn off the engine. When things get silent is when God speaks the loudest.

Never give up

I have a friend named Josh. Our small group prays for him weekly. I try to pray for him daily. He has a condition that has given his life challenges. His wife has inspired me greatly. She has been an encourager and a rock by his side. She is an inspiration to be around and lives her life with an attitude that could silence thousands. One day Josh is going to let go of the things that place such burdens on his family and friends. One day he will break free of the things that hold him captive. Until then I will continue to pray for him and his wife. God is going to change this marriage and make it new again. He is going to bring glory to Him.

Who is your Josh that you have given up on? Who have you decided that God isn’t big enough to heal? Whose marriage needs restored that seems hopeless? Prayer is powerful. Sometimes it’s not about the ones experiencing the problems but about the ones who can be praying for them.


I have owned my business for close to 2 ½ years now. My decision to start my own business really didn’t reflect my own desires. I had been working in the industry for over 4 years but nothing in my heart ever said, “start your own business”. It was when I found an area of passion of something that the company I worked for didn’t really pursue.

At that point, I was making sales where my passion was but knew that by not having the surrounding support my opportunities were limited. It was then where God moved me and stretched me to take a step into the unfamiliar and unknown.

I was on the top of the world. Nothing could stop me! Not exactly, it was the complete opposite. I was scared out of my mind. I had walked away from complacency and contentment under the safety net. This was the turning point in where God truly taught me to rely on Him. I really believe that you can’t trust God fully until you have to rely on Him completely. If He wanted us to stay the same then He could have etched us into Mount Rushmore for people to see.

I have reached another pinnacle in my life where I am currently going through the same trials as I did starting my own business. God is making me uncomfortable but my heart is sold out to Him. I have been here before and I know it will not be the last.

This time around I will be stronger and wiser because I know when God calls you to move then your greatest action is to take that step forward. When you honor God with obedience you should always remember the things He’s done, so you can trust Him in the things He’s doing, so that He can elevate you into who He has called you to be.